Custom Designed Multi-Rack Systems

Single, Double and Side-by-Side Options

Iwaki Aquatic life support systems are simple, fail-safe, and easy to maintain. Our filtration design has been refined over the years to include the best equipment suited for both the research staff and the aquatic research organisms.  We ensure that your multi-rack system is easy to clean and service with all components easily accessible. We are the direct manufacturer of most major components on these systems, saving you time and money on installation and ongoing product support.

Filtration Systems

Systems may include single or dual rotating micro-screen systems with minimal consumables. High-quality stainless steel UV units come standard with every system. We use low maintenance moving bed bio-filtration, quiet and dependable Iwaki pumps, Walchem controllers, stainless steel and titanium heaters/chillers, and only high-quality non-corrosive, non-toxic materials.

Our Walchem controllers are proven through years of service in the global water treatment market. Advanced controller technology provides instant alarm notification locally and from any web browser, keeping on-site and off-site personnel notified of system performance.

No Project is Too Big or Too Small.

Custom Aquatic Systems Designed to Your Needs.