Animal Health Starts with Water Quality

Reproducible results at the bench are directly correlated with the water quality, environmental conditions and animal health. Consistent parameters in the facility yield good data. Iwaki Aquatic combines two decades of aquatic system design expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with excellent water quality and a very stable system.

LAbREED® Zebrafish System

Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations

LAbREED® Xenopous System

Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations

LAbREED® Bench-Top System

Available in two and three shelf configurations

Ask about our Unique Multi-Rack Systems

Our designers and project managers have been designing and installing systems since 1997. Our filtration design has been refined over the years to include the best equipment suited for the lab environment, the staff, and the aquatic research organisms. Iwaki Aquatic life support systems are simple, fail-safe, and easy to maintain. We ensure that your multi-rack system is easy to clean and service with all components easily accessible. Our systems can be completely broken down into smaller sections for deeper cleaning and disinfection.